Entice the Write

Magic of Visibility and Vulnerability in the context of Soul Vibration


Tree believes in the magic of visibility and vulnerability in each moment of her life.

Everyone has a story to tell and she is ready to explore them all.  A poet, writer and artist who loves to travel,  Tree’s heart is in the Pacific Northwest where she loves to spend time wandering in the rain forest and walking on the beach.

2012 watercolors 002

Tree Langdon is a Canadian writer and artist. Her short stories, poetry and sketches are inspired by her dreams for the world and by her passion for shining a light on things that concern everyone.

Selected works have been published in the anthology Breathing Words and she is a contributing member of the international online weekly Poem Kubili.  Tree has also been published with Rebelle Society.

She has studied Creative Writing and Forensic Anthropology in college. Curious about everything, she is always learning something new.