This quote interests me because it reminds me that I am not my thoughts.

I notice a quiet part of me, deep inside, that watches and I wonder who it is.  Those thoughts and I; we aren’t the same thing.

This quote also reminds me that I am not my body.  I am living in a body, but it is not me. I know that, because this isn’t the same body I was born with.  Over the years, it has completely changed and I know it will change again.

That’s a weird realization and kind of made me uncomfortable the first time I had it.

So, if I’m not my thoughts, and I’m not my body, what am I?

I like to call it spirit.


“Memories and feelings over the years have formed an “I” that seems so solid.
But just as the walls of a house form a protected space where people live,
this “I” merely provides a platform for the experience of life.
The body has a shape and a form and seems so important. But like a cooking pot, it is the space inside that is important.
The body is a mere pot. What has been cooking within all these years?
The time has come to redefine ourselves. We are not our memories, important though they are.
We are not our bodies, familiar though they are.   There is something else here, mysterious and elusive.
What is it?”

from: The Sage’s Tao Te Ching, by William Martin

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Photo credit: Tree Langdon, 2018, Myanmar
A Buddha a Day Series:
Since the 3rd century, many rulers and kings have ruled over Burma (Myanmar).  During each period, Buddha statues were made in a different style.  When we visited Myanmar in January 2018, we were amazed at their number and variety, taking photos until we lost count.  I’m happy to share these images with you, along with selected quotes.