I’ve been posting these images of Buddha’s with a quote but no comment.  That changes with this post.  Here goes:

I’m learning not to hold the stories of my past or think about what might happen in the future.  Instead, I live in the present moment, because that is all we truly have.  This is a new way of thinking for me.  I’m learning how to sit with no distractions and how to embrace the feelings that come up.  I am also recognizing parts of me that I’ve been hiding from myself, good parts and bad ones.  I’m sitting here loving them as they come up in me and I find that if I sit long enough, the feelings move through me and leave.

I love this quote because it talks about being in this moment, not the future or the past, but this moment.

“Some older people despair from having seen too much, heard too much, and felt too much.
The mind has become crowded with sorrow and fear.  There is no more room for hopes and dreams.
But the sage is always releasing things, releasing thoughts, releasing fears, releasing expectations.
In the sage’s mind there is always room for life.
Let your memories, good and bad, come and go without lingering.
These are not you. They are merely images projected on the screen of your mind.   Don’t be trapped in this dark theater.
Go outside and meet the life set before you in this moment.”

from: The Sage’s Tao Te Ching, by William Martin

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Photo credit: Tree Langdon, 2018, Myanmar
A Buddha a Day Series:
Since the 3rd century, many rulers and kings have ruled over Burma (Myanmar).  During each period, Buddha statues were made in a different style.  When we visited Myanmar in January 2018, we were amazed at their number and variety, taking photos until we lost count.  I’m happy to share these images with you, along with selected quotes.