“We have ceased trying to tie up all loose ends.

We have discovered that life does not need to be neat.

We have more questions than answers,

and this is a great delight to us.

We trust the Mystery of life without have to possess It.

We cherish the feeling of awe that has grown within our soul.

Some see answers as strong and questions as weak.

Successful politicians have all the answers.

But I tell you the truth;

The happy person is not the one with all the answers.

Each new question is an affirmation

of the delight of living.

What new question have you discovered today?”


from: The Sage’s Tao Te Ching, by William Martin

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Photo credit: Tree Langdon, 2018, Myanmar
A Buddha a Day Series:
Since the 3rd century, many rulers and kings have ruled over Burma (Myanmar).  During each period, Buddha statues were made in a different style.  When we visited Myanmar in January 2018, we were amazed at their number and variety, taking photos until we lost count.  I’m happy to share these images with you, along with selected quotes.