“The sage is old enough now, to see to success and failure.

These illusions no longer dominate.

The sage has climbed up ladders,

climbed down ladders

and fallen from ladders.

Now, with feet firmly on the ground,

the sage is ready to be of service to others,

not to get something from them,

but for the pure pleasure of it.


We have traded services for money all our life.

We have forgotten the joy of serving simply because it is our nature.

As a sage we may still be paid for our services,

but it is no longer the determining factor.

When the opportunity for service arises

we no longer weigh the possible return.

We are free to serve according to our nature.”


from: The Sage’s Tao Te Ching, by William Martin

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Photo credit: Tree Langdon, 2018, Myanmar
A Buddha a Day Series:
Since the 3rd century, many rulers and kings have ruled over Burma (Myanmar).  During each period, Buddha statues were made in a different style.  When we visited Myanmar in January 2018, we were amazed at their number and variety, taking photos until we lost count.  I’m happy to share these images with you, along with selected quotes.