“What have we been pursuing all our life?

Have we been looking for respect,

for financial security,

the approval of others,

or the comfort of a fine home?

Perhaps we wanted a family to love,

and a government to care for our needs?


Now we have discovered that

the only respect worth having

is self respect.

The only security available

comes from serving other people.

The only approval we need is our own.

The simple home is happiest.

True love is compassion for all beings.

And the Tao alone serves all our needs.


Whatever your present circumstances,

a serene response is possible.

Whatever your health,

contentment is available.

Whatever your losses,

hope and happiness can be yours.

Act each day with compassion

for yourself and others.

Let each inhalation bring you peace

and each exhalation dispel your fears.”


from: The Sage’s Tao Te Ching, by William Martin

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Photo credit: Tree Langdon, 2018, Myanmar – The Buddha a Day Series

Since the 3rd century, many rulers and kings have ruled over Burma (Myanmar).  During each period, Buddha statues were made in a different style.  When we visited Myanmar in January 2018, we were amazed at their number and variety, taking photos until we lost count.  I’m happy to share these images with you, along with selected quotes.