Now we play the longer game

with different rules that shift the truth

and in the troupe a hidden cast

who have a different script to read.

As we fight to keep our rights

they slip the feathered Cuckoo

into our leather quiver.

He has an arrow missing

from his moral compass.

Their clicking tongues and squawking facts

preoccupy our minds.

The doping of excitement feeds us well

and we can’t erase the tracks

the needles leave behind.

We transition to intolerance.

Unhinged and swinging loose,

a squeaking rusty gate.

The clock has turned, our lives are changed.

We missed our chance.

There was no beacon lit to summon aid.

Waiting in the darkened wings,

is this savior with his friendly mask

that hides the Cuckoo underneath.

In our foolish desperation

we think he is a better choice.

For the moment, we are grateful and relieved.

Well played.

TL 2017 ©



Definition of cuckoo

plural cuckoos

1a largely grayish-brown European bird (Cuculus canorus) that is a parasite given to laying its eggs in the nests of other birds which hatch them and rear the offspring; broadly any of a large family (Cuculidae of the order Cuculiformes) to which this bird belongs
2the call of the cuckoo
3a silly or slightly crackbrained person