If you want to communicate your ideas in a clear and easy to understand way, the book EveryBody Writes by Ann Handley is an outstanding writing resource.

As the title states, it is “Your Go To Guide For Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

An easy to read book that is chock a block with ideas and techniques that are common sense yet not so common in the mediocre writing we see today.

It’s not a dry textbook filled with rules that your English teacher taught you. This book suggests that many of those rules can be thrown out.   The rules that she does provide are more like reliable ground rules of writing – ones that will support you no matter what you write.

Funny and direct, Ann tells you how to write for the benefit of the reader and that benefits all of us because we are all readers in this content filled world.

One section deals with what she calls the use of “Frankenwords” and “Weblish“.  Another gives specific tips by social media platform.  These will make you a better content writer and that makes reading much easier for your audience.

A final section identifies many useful tools that others have used to ease the writing process.

Everybody Writes has earned a prominent spot on my office bookshelf, I keep it close and use it often.