For those wondering if I might ever publish anything I write – I and a few marvelously talented cohorts of mine now have an anthology coming out, soon available on Amazon and in a few brick & mortar bookstores. This group found itself through a brief, but incredibly intense and magical, 30 day writing course.

There were hundreds of people taking the course but with a bit of literary alchemy we few found each other and bonded over homework assignments and our own late night ramblings. A smaller subset of that group boldly decided to let their writing breathe publicly and here we are.

We are launching our new book:  Breathing Words – A Year of Writing Together.

I’m excited to announce that Pre Orders are available now.

You can read more about each of the authors on Facebook @Breathingwordsalive.

You can read the Forward and I’d love for you to follow us as well.  We plan to get up to some shenanigans in the next while and you won’t want to miss them!

This is the culmination of a dream come true for many of us and I am excited to hold this work in my hands as a talisman of what people can create together.  entice the write 291335

If you want to crawl into the heart of humanity in all its ups and downs, into the light and the dark of all we are as human beings, then this book is the road-map by which to experience the magic. You will not be disappointed. Breathing Words is a dream come true for many of us, and I could not be more proud to share its pages with this incredible group of men and women.