I can’t wait for this new Anthology!

Dream Trails

PSSSST!   It is really going to happen!  Yes, really really!  Our book is going to be published!  It’s an anthology of poetry and short stories of writers learning to become better writers!  It’s called (drum roll) Breathing Words!

Sometime back a group of folks from all over the planet who didn’t know each other joined to share their writing and encouragement of each other’s writing online.  We started out in a shared an experience called Write Yourself Alive.  Since we were virtually invisible, we felt safe in sharing our words with each other online and became more comfortable as writers!     Later, when the first writing  group was over, many of us continued to share in other private Facebook groups.  Some of us decided eventually to come together to write an anthology of our work on a private page we called “Keep It Simple, The Anthology Project.”  Of…

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