Your orientation in life determines how you see and feel your life experiences. Orientation also affects your choices.   We each have an operating system that we use to keep our Orientation steady and on course.

There are many different ways that people orient themselves in life. Often they aren’t aware that they are doing it.

Discover what your orientation is by becoming curious and looking at your beliefs. We hold beliefs and judgments that were formed during events that occurred in our life. We came to a conclusion about the event and then the conclusion became embedded in us Conclusions affect how we see the world and the people in it.

An example would be if one year, someone told you it was wrong to expect gifts on your birthday. You might conclude or believe that gifts on your birthday were always wrong and to this day, you are uncomfortable with receiving attention on your special day. Your orientation is against receiving in this particular area of your life.

Judgment is a very common orientation.  People who are oriented toward judgment tend to view the world as right or wrong, good or bad.  They see things in black and white and are focused on the differences between us.  When we are oriented towards judgment, that creates separation.

Victim is another very common orientation.  A victim orientation can be revealed when someone walks around in their Eeyore suit, saying poor me at every turn.  People with this orientation can be very powerful,  They busily gather evidence to prove that bad things always happen to them and the world is working against them.

An orientation of safety, change, adventure or communion are some other ways people operate in their lives.  Our orientation determines who we surround ourselves with.  We are attracted to those that provide proof for our beliefs and judgments.  Our operating systems protect our orientation and ensure that our surroundings support it.  We defend our beliefs and create boundaries and shields in our fortress of protection.

Your reality reflects your internal landscape.

What if you could choose to make changes to your orientation?  Discovering the moment in your past when you made the conclusion that formed your belief is essential.  When you uncover the initial belief, you can ask yourself if it still applies to your life now all these years later.

When we are oriented to communion, it feels so soft and welcoming. When all of those boundaries and shields are not required, there is no reason to create separation in your life. Your operating system doesn’t need to protect you from different beliefs because you are in allowance with them.

When I am in the orientation of communion, I am opening myself up and leaning into the support and guidance of life.

This discussion is infused with the energy of Seducing Aliveness, where two inspiring hosts reveal some controversial ideas.