We come upon the turning now.

It’s time to consecrate the wheel.

It spins the drifts of whirling dust

that swirl beyond our certain paths.


Perspective shifts as thoughts evolve

we waken with expanding eyes

like hinges on a rusty gate

unopened all these centuries past.


The truth reveals an inside voice

that orients your every thought.

Arrangements of mythology

deployed within your every act.


Beliefs held close to keep you safe

within the castle walls you built

upon the mountain of debris

collected from the stories told.


Drawbridge down, the gates rolled up

a world outside the stacks of stone.

Mirrors piled up at the foot

reflect convictions in your mind.


Take sweepings from the castle keep

and press them to extract the juice

begin to feed the souls that search

for healing truth in memories deep.


Allow each person’s energy

to sense the texture of the walls

to find their heart beneath the stones

and touch aliveness for themselves.


If it fills your heart with joy

and lightness gives your spirit ease

then lean into your soul’s desire

and take the actions that will please.


But when it starts to weigh you down

just let it drop onto the ground

then look to see which choice will give

the most aliveness in your life.


Tree Langdon
©® 2017