The Gift
The coin is spinning on the plate
both sides reflect the silver light.
Then you receive the signs of birth
to wash in salt and consecrate.
And when you choose to yield to trust
the core of soul is filled with faith.
It overflows with seven gifts
fulfilling what the maiden spoke.
But then a choking of the path
will bring you to the edge of fate.
You draw the sword that shimmers blue
to reinforce defensive acts.
It pierces through the light of day
that clearly writes the passage here.
To guide you through the obstacle
there is no fear remaining there.
Now abundance calls to you
it glows beyond the garden gate.
Around her neck a key is held
she will reveal the gifts within.
But if you choose to linger in
the garden filled with all your dreams
you risk the languor of the wealth
and might be hiding from your fear.
Arise and take the hardest step
to love that is beyond the walls.
Go find your truth outside the gate
You have the key, the world awaits.
Tree Langdon
©® 2017
This post was inspired by a card reading of Jen Halterman .  She is an a Director of Chaos and Embracer of Change.