The Drama Triangle is created when an event happens in our life that creates a disconnect or rupture.  A lot of emotion occurs and we move away from our aliveness.

Next we come to a conclusion about the event and create a story about the shit that happened.  We might orient the story toward shame, which is an internal energy, or we might orient toward blame, which is an external energy.

There is a casting call, we send out for people that align to this energy to agree with us in our story.

We assign roles based on who shows up.  It’s like casting actors in a play of your creation.

The main roles are the Victim, the Villain and the Hero.  The Victim has the highest energy and the most adrenaline attached to them.  They are also the most powerful of the three.

These three roles form the Drama Triangle.  A lot of ego, drama, adrenaline and attention live there.

The whole job of the players is to validate the story that you created.

You can get trapped in this Triangle, unless you use your Superpower of Choice and choose to move back to your aliveness.

Some people try to change the story, but that just keeps you moving in a circle, back down into a new Triangle with a new cast and story, where you are trapped again.  Instead, choose Aliveness.


This post has been inspired by Jen Halterman who is an Embracer of Weird and Instigator of Change.