Several years ago I joined an online writing group and it changed my life. I was drifting along in life, feeling confused, and I knew I needed to make a change.  I recommend this course by Jeanette LeBlanc:

What do you need to do to unbind your wild?

What must change so that you can feel free? What would it take for you to make it back home – to your wild heart, to yourself, to your own freedom? Do you need to answer the call of nature, leave the city – take off your shoes and sink your hands into the earth lay yourself under a canopy of trees and sleep under the watchful eye of the wild things?

Do you need to remove your clothes and your expectations and your restraints and all that keeps you safe and slip slide through the ocean until you remember what it is to become fluid and liquid and free? Do you need to turn up the music until the bass reverberates through the floor and through your bones and your body moves like it used to before they taught you to keep still?

Do you need to speak clean, to spill truth, to give yourself over to the story you’ve been holding so tight? Do you need to give up, to let go, to walk away – to relinquish your hold on things not meant for you or no longer truly yours? Do you need to march, to fight, to sing the song of your own emancipation and revolution?

Do you need to give yourself over to that wave of desire that has been building and building and building inside you – until you become your own want and your want becomes its own answer and there are no questions remaining, just the holy sound of your own yes? Do you need to step outside, when the moon is at her highest and her fullest and open your arms and let your head fall back and let loose the sort of howl that calls the pack and pulls the tides and shakes the ground and makes mere mortals stop and shiver in knowing?

And would it help if I told you that I see your wild, just below the surface. Feel its pulse and hear its song and move myself to the rhythm of its own unfolding. Would it help if I told you that you don’t have to know how or what or who or where – you just have to know that you want it? Would it help if I said that it’s easier than you think? That there are countless paths and a million maps.

That there are others on this journey with you. That you are not alone. Would it help if you knew that you don’t need to wait until things are perfect or you have more money or the kids are done school or your partner is more supportive or your mother finally accepts you? Would it help if you knew that you don’t have to wait for anything at all? That you just have to begin.

You only have to say yes.

To open the door. To take the first step. To write the first word. To release, to relax, to unwind, to become, to rise, to fly. That’s it. Just begin. Don’t worry – we’ll all walk and dance and spin and howl together. Every step. All the way home.

Xo, Jeanette

Join us for the Summer Session of UNLEASHED: 12 Weeks to Write Yourself Free”

 Join us as we write truth and speak wisdom. To see and be seen and to lift one another’s voices until there is nothing but the sound of wild hearts living free. And yes – it is just as magical as it sounds. I promise.

**  In the interests of transparency, I am an affiliate of Jeanette’s and will receive a commission if you sign up for her course using the above link.  Tree.