Cultivating intimacy with yourself is the main way you can increase your Aliveness.

Intimacy is freedom and liberation from all the must do’s , the should do’s, the have to’s, and supposed to’s. Being intimate with you is the way to figure out who you are on the inside.

Intimacy takes subtlety.

It is not something you can DO, it is something that comes to you and DOES YOU.  It is not about controlling anything, or forcing yourself to act a certain way.

The five main things to focus on when you want to create self intimacy:
1. honor
2. trust or inner authority
3. allowance
4. vulnerability
5. gratitude and appreciation

If you cultivate each of these, you will begin to clear away the debris that you have collected over the years.  Debris is created by past experiences and you can end up carrying it around with you. Debris affects current experiences because you tend to use it as a reference.

Get curious. If you are feeling triggered or emotional, slow down and get curious. Practice the five contributors named above, especially vulnerability, as you discover who you are.

Living in intimacy just requires that you show up and be yourself.  Don’t play games, don’t play victim, villain or hero.

Be your same self in any situation. If you worry about other people’s opinions you are back in the space of control and judgment.

Trust the space of intimacy.

All true knowing comes from that space of ease that is created with complete self intimacy.

17792750_10154724093703821_1819217997_nThis post has been infused with the energy of  Seducing Aliveness, where two inspiring hosts reveal some controversial ideas.