Have you ever decided to make changes in your life and found that it was harder than you thought?  Have you tried time and time again to make a change, only to give up?

Real change in how you’re functioning and how you’re engaging with the world becomes possible if you persist.

Your superpower of choice is the thing that can catapult you into the space of possibility where real change — not just rearranging the furniture –but real change that can occur in how you are functioning and how you are engaging with the world.  This becomes your new reality.

The instant gratification mindset asks for instant change. 

Don’t stop what you are doing if you are in a healing process – just keep going.  I don’t know when that moment of change will happen, but if you keep going, you will get there.

Change is cumulative over time.

We are accustomed to a pattern of behavior and we can choose to continue that pattern, but while we’re doing that we can start to think about change.  It’s possible to continue to do one thing while you’re exploring different possibilities.   By exploring possibilities, you move closer to the moment of change.

Change begins to happen in the instant of the choice.

Most people don’t go from one process to another without going through the exploration of the new process.  It takes time and you need to be patient with yourself while you work though the possibilities.  Then the choice is made and the change occurs.

Change happens in an instant – the moment that we choose it but sometimes it’s not visible right away.

You might choose a change, but when you’re trying to change how you function in the world, it takes awhile for you to untangle yourself from the reasons why you think you’re doing that.  The compensation strategy you’re using needs untangling. It takes awhile to let go.

Letting go is stopping choosing what we have been choosing.

You may think you’ve been trying and trying and nothing is changing, but you don’t realize – change is happening.  You just aren’t able to see it yet.  You are getting there.  Keep going.  You’ll be happy that you did.

17792750_10154724093703821_1819217997_nThis post has been infused with the energy of  Seducing Aliveness, where two inspiring hosts reveal some controversial ideas.