Allowance is the gift that you give yourself

It is a vital piece of cultivating intimacy with yourself.  To be in allowance with yourself is when you ‘be, choose and do whatever you want to be, choose and do –  you allow yourself to create your own life.

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Remember, Choice is your Superpower.


Allowance is not about accepting things or tolerating them.  There is a difference between acceptance or tolerance and allowance.  If you are tolerating something, you may prefer something else, but you are putting up with it.  Acceptance feels like you don’t have a choice; it feels like; I’m still going to have negative thoughts about it but I’m going to accept it.  When you are in allowance, you are in a space of ease, or intimacy with yourself.

Allowance is the lubricant for change and the antidote to judgment.

When you are in allowance, you aren’t judging yourself. Judgment creates separation – it locks in more of the same and doesn’t allow change.

Vulnerable allowance is when you give yourself permission to totally screw up.

Allowance is one of the vital pieces of your aliveness.  When you are cultivating aliveness, it is helpful to remind yourself to give yourself a break.  You are allowed to choose without knowing what will happen.  You are allowed to try something and then you are allowed to choose something else.
Curiosity is the key to becoming aware of your orientation.  Ask yourself how you are functioning that is creating your feelings of upset or frustration.  How are you contributing to the judgment in this situation? Just observe things and don’t attach yourself to the outcome.  Self awareness takes practice.
Giving yourself the freedom of allowance, is a loving gift.  Remember, you are free to be, choose and do whatever you want.  Choose something that feeds your aliveness in this moment.
This post is infused by the energy of Seducing Aliveness, where two inspiring hosts reveal some controversial ideas.