We’ve been talking a lot about how we can chose how to live in our aliveness. We have choices in relationships too.

When it comes to families, there is something much stronger than blood.  It is choice…..

may 14 multiple choiceChoice is not about selecting from a set list of options.  This is not about choosing one thing over another one, or making one thing wrong and another one right.

When people make a choice, they often say, What are my options? That’s not what we are talking about.

It’s not a multiple choice decision.  If you think multiple choice is A through D, you are missing out on a lot of other possibilities.

When we say choice is a superpower, we are talking about choice beyond your limited perspective of options to select from.

Choosing must be from that joyful space of aliveness.  It can’t be from that space of ‘must do, should do, supposed to.’

Choose from curiosity, allow yourself the freedom to choose what makes you feel the most turned on, the most free, the most alive.

This superpower of choice is the thing that can catapult you into the space of possibility where real change — not just rearranging the furniture –but real change in how you are functioning and how you are engaging with the world becomes real.

It can change how you are functioning and how you are engaging with the world.  Then this shit suddenly becomes real.

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