Aliveness is a way of being that takes surrender.  It is a way of being that fills you with energy.  When someone is living in their aliveness, they glow.  They exude energy that you can see in their face and body.  You want to be near them; to be part of that energy.

Giving yourself permission to feed your aliveness is an important step.

Feeding aliveness includes living your life the way you want to, creating your life so that it makes you happy every single day.

For many, ‘Ya-but’ excuses are common, especially when you are presented with the idea that you could live your life the way you would like to create it rather than trying to live up to someone else’s expectations.

Everyone will have different ways of feeding their aliveness.  It’s important that you find what works for you.

Start your search by asking yourself:  What are your priorities?  How do they make you feel?  Do they feed your aliveness?  What feels light is food, heavy is not.

Ask yourself why you are doing something.

If it is a ‘must do, have to, should do,’ it is probably not feeding your aliveness.

When you find something that feels so rich and delicious to you that you want it to be in every aspect of your soul, you may have found something that feeds your aliveness.

When you say “I want to infuse my world with that,”  you are feeding your aliveness.

At first I could only take little dropperfuls at once.  It took time to trust it.  I had to engage in a slow seductive dance in order to coax my aliveness into being fed.

The needs of your Aliveness will change over time.  We are so used to wanting to define something so that we can get comfortable with it.  Aliveness is ever changing.  It will pull you in and feed energy back to you.

This is ignition.

What is feeding your aliveness today?
17792750_10154724093703821_1819217997_nThis post was infused by Seducing Aliveness, where two inspiring hosts reveal some controversial ideas.