When we talk about gratitude, there is sometimes a sense of obligation, such as when you are told to “be grateful for all that you have.”  You may have been told to “be grateful for where you were born – there are so many others out there that are not as lucky as you.”

The word Gratitude has the energy of receiving; of being grateful FOR something.
I like the word appreciation better.  It returns the energy of gratefulness.
Appreciation contributes to what I am grateful for.

Live in the zone of appreciation.

Take the action of appreciation every day. Appreciate yourself in the moment, walk, play music, enjoy nature.  Take yourself on a date.  Choose it because you enjoy it.
Appreciation is an important part of self intimacy and when you practice appreciation, it contributes to your understanding of yourself. When you appreciate yourself, you begin to find out what you enjoy and your body and spirit become supported in your actions.
If you appreciate yourself in tangible ways, you are literally showing yourself love and care.
This post is infused by the energy of Seducing Aliveness, where two inspiring hosts reveal some controversial ideas.