We all tell stories. 

We tell them to our friends, and our children and sometimes we even tell them to ourselves.

We tell them because we don’t want to think about how life turned out.  We have finally carved out a safe place – a routine in our lives.  We tell them so we don’t have to take risks or make changes.

At first we tell ourselves a story to so girl-1319126_1920that we can feel better about our decisions.

Sometimes the stories aren’t exactly true, but we need to believe that they are true.

We need the stories to justify how we act. We get to keep our view of the world if it matches our story. We think the story is probably true and then we repeat it so many times that we are sure it must be true.


Eventually, we are so sure that the stories are true that we look for evidence.

We look for proof to justify the stories.

We forget that anything else could be possible.  We don’t want to consider that we could choose another way of living, a way where we could do what makes us feel happy and alive.

“Sneaky thoughts that perpetuate stories will kill my aliveness in a second.”-Seducing Aliveness, 2017

Our minds continuously look for patterns; now they look for proof that things fit the stories, instead of asking what is possible now.  We make up stories that deny the way things really are.  We deny what is happening in our lives and make up reasons for why things are the way they are.

Denial stories let us continue to do the same Aliveness Killing things that we always do.  These are the kinds of things that don’t let us experiment with life.  They are judgments that separate us from other people.

“Is that true, or is that a story that I’m perpetuating and gathering evidence for?”-Seducing Aliveness, 2017

We refuse to walk through the door of possibilities.  We are so embedded in our stories that we dismiss the possibilities.  We are too busy gathering evidence for our stories.  We don’t see any other way to live.

Are you asking ‘what else is possible?’ or are you saying ‘this is what I get, I guess I should be happy with it?’ – Seducing Aliveness 2017