Energy is unlimited.

Your soul has a unique energy vibration.

The universe is waiting to entice you to experience more life.

Akashic records are energy prints or soul records.

Your soul records have gifts, energy vibrations, rhythms, talents, abilities, essence, and uniqueness.

Similar souls resonate together.  They are drawn into soul groups with each other.

Because they res, they interact in relationships or clusters or families.  I call them familiarity groups.

That is how I see the world.  Sometimes you can perceive people’s rhythms or speeds or how they relate to the world.  You notice attributes in people.

Sometimes they resonate with your energy print and it “just feels right”.

If you are observant you can see how they all come together.  They interact and their relationships progress when they resonate with each other.

Your creations have an energy vibration.

When you begin to create the consciousness of something, like a blog or a website, a new relationship or a job, you pull things in that match the energetic profile of what is being created.

It is a being, with its own energy centre, soul, and life.

Talk and listen to the energy profile that you see in the things you create.  It is a being, with its own rhythm, gifts, attributes and essence.

It’s like a new lover.  Before you can do anything with a creation, get to know it so well that you can recognize its vibration in other things.  Quietly coax it to come closer so you can become better acquainted.

“If this creation feeds your aliveness, it’s up to you to say yes to the seduction.”  – Seducing Aliveness

Once you are sure your creation resonates with you, ask it what it wants.