Keep your savings sheltered from tax today.  You will be RICHER sooner.

Set up an automatic contribution to your Tax Free Savings Account today.

In Canada, we have Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA’s) which are accounts where you can grow your savings tax canada-27003_640free.  These are very flexible and powerful tools to save for retirement and every Canadian should be using one to shelter their savings from income tax.  This book is a complete guide to the TFSA written in a clear, easy to understand way.

The author, Gordon Pape, tells you how to get the most out of this valuable tax tool.  By holding your investments in the TFSA, any income they earn is tax free, which adds up over time.

The Ultimate TFSA Guide by Gordon Pape


The longer your savings can grow sheltered from tax, the wealthier you will be in later years.  It’s easy to open an account and you can set up automatic contributions from your bank account or pay check.  It’s a great place to keep your emergency funds.

What are you waiting for?  Open a TFSA today.

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