Recently I was asked what software I use to organize all of the articles and projects I am working on.

Hands down, Scrivener is the ultimate tool.  This software is designed for the way writers think.

Scrivener allows you to draft, edit and compile related documents in one place.  You can easily find the piece of dialogue or section of writing you are searching for, without hunting through multiple word files or piles of paper.webstore_scriv_win_reg

It’s a very flexible tool that begins with the assumption that you write in disconnected bits that you might want to move around as you organize your story.  Sound familiar?

It encourages revisions and note taking; you can write outlines and then fill them in, move sections around, and do all of the tasks you would do on your desk with note cards, but only electronically.   The virtual cork board with 3 x 5 inch cards is just one of the many features in this great writer’s tool.

You can outline, research and write in the same place.  When you find something – a phrase, an idea or a photo that you want to put into your project, you just put it in Scrivener and when you come back later you can find it. You can insert a Web page, a PDF, audio files, and notes—and access them later with a click of the mouse. When you divide the work space to view two documents at the same time, you can write and read your notes in the same place.

The program has great help files and a full tutorial which I would recommend you run through at least once, to get the basics.

The cost is very reasonable and it is the best money I’ve ever spent on a writing tool.

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