It is so frustrating when you get a ticket for something minor like riding without a helmet, or forgetting your transit pass. bike-311181_640

Most of us have done that at least once and getting a ticket is just one more thing in an already mixed up day.

Life can feel pretty unfair, especially when you see others doing the same thing and getting away with it. 

I know, you are pretty broke and getting a ticket because you forgot your bus pass is frustrating.light-rail-car-736373_640

You tell yourself that you’ll just ignore it and it might not ever come up again.  You hope it will go away.

Well, in this day and age of inter connectivity, it all comes around again and it can bite you two or three times the cost of the original fine.

Recently, a friend of mine went to insure a new (to them) car and discovered that they couldn’t buy insurance until they had paid off their outstanding fines.  Both fines were for minor infractions and they were around 6 months old. 

He had avoided paying the fines when he got them, the city added late penalties and assessments so the final amount owing was three times the original tickets.  A total of over $300 was due. 

When you are in that situation, you realize there is no other way out.
My advice is to pay the ticket and learn the lesson because:

  1. You get it over with.
  2. It is the cheapest amount you can possibly pay to clear the fine.
  3. You avoid costly penalties which can double or triple your fine.
  4. You won’t be delayed when you insure your vehicle.
  5. You will avoid the frustration of dealing with bureaucrats and red tape.
  6. The fine will not go away. It will go into a bureaucrat’s office and multiply with other fines until it becomes a monster fine. Which you will have to pay eventually!

Just Pay the Ticket. 

Tell us about a time when you were caught with an old fine.  Comment here.

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