Someone once said to me “When you work for someone else, you are trading some of your life force for money.”

I didn’t understand the comment at first.  Then I realized that what he was saying had more to do with spending money than working for it.

Here’s the logic.

Let’s say you have $500 saved up and are considering buying a new phone. I Phone 16012_640

You don’t need the new phone, your old one still works and is only a couple of years old.  The problem is, you want the new one; everyone else is getting one and you don’t want to look like you are cheap.

If you work for $10/hour, that $500 took you 50 hours to earn.  That is just over a week if you work a regular 40 hour week.  Or two weeks if you work part time at 25 hours a week.

Think about it:  you worked for 50 hours at a low paying job which you likely don’t love, using up some of your energy, your precious life force.  You can’t get that life force back; we all have limited time here on earth and I know it seems silly to talk about life force and cell phones, but that is exactly the point.

You are spending your life force.

The first question is:  Are you willing to trade 50 hours of your life force for a new phone?  The answer might be yes, and that is ok.  Others may answer differently, depending on their wants and needs. 

The second question is:  What other things might I do with this 50 hours worth of money?  Again, everyone will have different answers, ranging from saving it for the future to spending it on travel. 

It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?  Thinking about major purchases in this way gives you perspective, and that is a great thing!

What is your experience with thinking about spending your life force?  Comment here.

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