This week has been amazing!  Our site is up and running and we have posted 8 interesting articles that include lots of quick ways to help you get organized.

In case you missed any of the posts, here’s a recap:

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Creating an Emergency Fund

Our most popular post shows you how to create and emergency fund and start saving now.

Get in the Habit Zone

This post reviews and recommends a great book that will help you take small steps toward changing your life – simply by looking at your habits.

10 Reasons to File your Income Taxes Early

Instead of trying not to think about income taxes you may want to consider filing early as there are lots of reasons which might benefit you.

Break the Fast Food Cycle

You can save a lot of money by following the suggestions in this short but important post.

Is Your Bank Charging too Much?

Tips to help you organize your accounts and save money at the same time.  Do this once and you are set for years.

Reboot Your Finances

How to break free from credit card debt and get a better financial future.

Take the Cash Challenge

Try this to see how much plastic affects your buying decisions.

How to Organize your Bills in 5 Easy Steps

If you are feeling disorganized or overwhelmed and you are missing bill payments, read these easy steps to get things sorted miss out on another blog post:  Look to the right to subscribe->>>>>

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