There never seems to be enough time to make a lunch in the morning and sometimes it feels too late to start cooking a meal at night.  I always found it easier to stop in at the local pizza place, or to grab something at the drive through.


Eating out is quick and easy, that’s for sure, but I’ve found that I end up eating more food-712662_640calories than I should.  The cost really adds up and I am trying not to use my credit card this month.When you do have time to cook, there’s never anything good in the cupboards.  It’s a vicious cycle.

One really great way to break the fast food cycle is to learn to cook.   I decided to make Sundays my cooking day.

Take the cooking challenge.

Learn to cook one new dish this week.  Make more than you need for one meal and you can freeze the rest.

  1. Choose a recipe that you like, there are a lot of great recipes online. One great source is Happy Money Saver’s freezer recipes.
  2. List the ingredients you need and take the list with you when you go shopping. Tip: Store the list on your phone for easy access.
  3. Remember to find freezer containers to store the food in. They are a good way to bring food to work if you have a microwave.
  4. Ziplocs are an inexpensive way to freeze meals for fast and easy dinners.
  5. Lasagna, meatloaf, and chili are all easy to make foods that freeze well in single servings.
  6. Buy a single whole chicken and roast it with potatoes to make several meals.
  7. Learn how to make soup. You will be amazed at how inexpensive and delicious soup can be.

Benefits of breaking the fast food cycle:

  • You will save money – eating out is expensive.
  • You will eat healthier meals – fast food is full of calories and sugar.
  • You will impress your friends with your cooking skills.
  • You save time when you cook once and eat many times.

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